Mope 3obe

• I did this interview on Inkstuds (a Canadian comics radio program), it was a fraught experience. I’m really not good at interviews, I might actually have to start prepping beforehand. I totally missed talking about all of the books I’m into now, the awesome crew of artists I hang out with in Athens, art philosophy, day-to-day life, or any of the things I like listening to when I listen to other cartoonists’ podcasts. But thanks for the opportunity, Robin, even if I whiffed it. To the listener: you have been warned. I did pick some good intro/outro songs.

• I forgot to mention the other day that while Amazon may be sold out, there are still a few copies kicking around at Fantagraphics! I don’t want them to get mad at me. And of course there might be a copy at your local comics shop. On a related note, wanna see what the logo for Set to Sea looks like in Serbian?

• From the “Knowing how to leave when you’re on top” files: A.) Eric Reynolds recently announced that the upcoming 22nd issue of the Mome anthology will be the last. Eleanor had some memorable pieces in the earlier issues, and has a full-color story set for the last, which yeah, you should be excited about. It does seem like the days of the print comics anthology (in the Raw tradition) are slowly drawing to a close. Too much work for too little reward. B.) Dustin Harbin just brought his long-running diary comic to a close, at just about the right time. I’m excited to see what’s next! Congrats to both, good run, good hustle out there guys.

• Here’s some pictures of Eleanor and David working on their mural at Honey’s:


Take it 2 the streets

Word! Unless I’m wrong, the first printing of Set to Sea is sold out! I know it’s unavailable on Amazon right now. And yeah, it’s going back for a second printing! There won’t be any big changes, though I am happy to fix a couple tiny errors (that no one sees except for me.) Even stranger: There might be French and Serbian(?!) editions of Set to Sea in the works!

Eleanor and David Mack been working on amazing big wall mural at Honey’s Salon down at the Chase St warehouse, it’s got a lot of birds and powerlines, but not in the way you’d expect. I don’t have any pictures, but very soon! I spent half of yesterday hanging out afterhours in the salon to keep her company, listening to Michael Jackson and inking Blar pages.

April 2011 Top Ten:

  • “The Wrong Place” by Brecht Evans

  • Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times”

  • This article about David Foster Wallace

  • One Piece vols. 35-37

  • Lingering coughs

  • “The Life of Samuel Johnson” by James Boswell (begun 2010)

  • Army boys

  • FLUKE!

  • Homebrewing Night with Maggie and Lacey out at Orange Twin (Mead)

  • That bird mural that David and Elo are making!


Mostly ghostly

Did you know that Set to Sea was the Lynd Ward Prize honor book for 2011? It’s true. It didn’t win the big prize (that went to Duncan the Wonder Dog), but it was the only runner-up, which isn’t too shabby.  The Lynd Ward Prize, to my knowledge, is the only award the give the grand prize winner straight-up cash, which is something I would commend to all of the other comics awards out there. I don’t get the cash, but they are flying me up to Pennsylvania for some sort of ceremony – and most excitingly, I think I end up with a set of those snazzy “Library of America” Lynd Ward novels.

I’ve already sent off the first batch of kitty postcards to all the folks who submitted a photo of their cat a few months back. Don’t miss out if you did!

Here’s a sketchbook comic about a dream I had last week:

The spoils

Papercutter #15 is out now, you can see ordering information over at Tugboat Press! I did that cat picture for the back cover, here’s a picture of the front:

I have a 9 page “romance comic” in this issue, written by MK Reed. Here’s the first page:

I just got some comp copies in the mail, and they look great! There was a surprise in the package as well – a stack of postcards!

I figure anybody who had their cat exploited immortalized for this illustration should probably get a record for perpetuity. So if you submitted a pic, send me your address (drew @ this website dot com) and I’ll pop a postcard in the mail for you!

Papercutter 15

Remember when I was soliciting cat photos for a mysterious upcoming project? I used every single submission for this: a painting I made for the back cover for the soon-to-be-released Papercutter #15. Please click on the image, it keeps going.

Papercutter #15 should be available any day now, I think Greg had copies at Emerald City Comic-con. I’ve got a comic in that issue, too – MK Reed wrote it and it was quite an experience to draw. It’s also about cats. I’ll post up some images from that in a little bit.

(p.s. – please don’t ask me which cat is yours, I totally lost track)

Happy Holidays!

I’m about to get out of town, and probably won’t post again till early January. In the meantime, here’s a holiday card that Eleanor and I put together back in 2007. It was a little paper theater that you could cut out and assemble. If you want to make your own, here’s PDFs of the front and the back. Happy winter!

Xmas tidings

Any order at the Little House shop from now until Christmas is going to go in the mail by the next day, first class -  but if you want something to arrive by the 25th, you should order soon!

Set to Sea books

Set to Sea made it onto the “Top 10 Comics of 2010″ list on New York Magazine’s blog! If you were interested in ordering a copy for Christmas, you can get it direct from Fantagraphics if you order fast! And of course, Amazon can get it to you in two days or less. It is a very handsome little book, I’m sure it would be welcome in any stocking.

Here are some photos from the “Medieval Thinkers” opening in Seattle the other night! Looks like a great turnout, wish I could’ve been there.

Medieval Thinkers

Some Set to Sea originals are going to be in the Medieval Thinkers show at the Fantagraphics bookstore in Seattle. My friend Max helped put it together – if nothing else, it brings together some fine neurotic crosshatchers. I liked this quote from the press release: “Many of these artists work with antiquated materials most commonly associated with 19th and 20th century cartooning, specifically the metal dip pen or crowquill pen nibs, although use of these tools was not a requisite for inclusion. What brings these artists together is an imagist approach to picture-making and a willful ignorance of the aesthetics, fashion, and politics of the fine art industry. Medieval thinkers organize their experience by executing lessons in perspective, balance, humor and alchemy.” The opening is this Saturday – stop by if you’re in the area!

“Medieval Thinkers” includes original works by Peter Bagge, Bruce Bickford, D. J. Bryant, Chris Cilla, Max Clotfelter, Eleanor Davis, Kim Deitch, Heidi Estey, Kelly Froh, Justin Green, Gerald Jablonski, Megan Kelso, Jason T. Miles, Nate Neal, Bob Rini, Zak Sally, Dash Shaw, Matt Tamaru, Drew Weing, Jim Woodring, Mary Woodring, Max Woodring, Martine Workman, and Chris Wright.”

Saturday, December 11, 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery

1201 S. Vale Street, Seattle, WA 98108


In other art show news, Eleanor’s going to have these 10 post-its in the new Giant Robot Post-It Show 6, (1000s of post-its by hundreds of artists, $20 cash-and-carry) which opens this Saturday in Los Angeles.

Eleanor puts in more time and effort than she should on these beautiful little artworks than she should, $20 is a steal. And if you can’t make it to the show, don’t forget Eleanor has a few post-its left from the last show, available on the Little House site.

Business first

I just spruced up the Little House shop with some new prints and art for your Xmas-shopping pleasure. I can’t make any guarantees about the postal system, but any orders placed in the next two weeks will go in the mail by the next day, and get sent first class. What’s new:

Original art from Eleanor’s Eisner-nominated kid’s adventure book, The Secret Science Alliance, is now up for sale! She pencilled it, I inked it.

Other new stuff from Eleanor:

• The original art from her Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book, Stinky.

• 3 new prints, Fruits of the New Garden, available individually or as a set:

• 10 nice little drawings Eleanor did for a show, (utilizing the medium of Post-it notes!) on the same theme, The New Earthly Garden:

earthly-2As for me, my sketchbook bestiary mini, 33 Beasties, is back in stock as well!