drewweing (drewweing) wrote,

Birthday Theatre Presents:

No Set to Sea today. I have a good excuse - yesterday was my birthday! So I spent a good chunk of the day with Eleanor visiting at least 4 different Athens bars.

Now for the big present Eleanor made for me... Remember the flip doll Eleanor made of herself like a year ago? Well, now it has a partner!

Yes, that is a purple paisley bathrobe that is quite similar to one I actually have.

And the other side?

My friend Robert always did say I had the sleeping schedule of a dracula.

And now we present a small flip doll melodrama for your entertainment.

1. The happy young couple, with not a care in the world.

2. Little did the girl realize that her boyfriend was secretly a very dorky vampire!

3. Though filled with inner torment, she was forever trapped in his dark, geeky embrace.
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